Andy Rudolph Team
Andy Rudolph Team


He was so easy to communicate with and made the whole process painless!
Katie A.
Easy to work with. Answers questions thoroughly and quickly. Follows up with seller to make sure things are done.
Courtland A.
He was very professional. Very grateful for all the stress he took on with our first buyers. 2nd buyer went smoothly. Thanks to him.
Kara J.
Great Personality, Very Knowledgeable, we knew we were in good hands with Andy!
Jeremiah J.
Annette is fantastic! It was so easy to work with her. She promoted our house right away and we were very impressed with how fast it sold!
Alan & Crystal Z.
Andy is amazing! Friendly, Professional, and Caring. What i liked most is Andy always responded to us personally, and in a timely matter.
Carolyn P.
Very professional, made selling quick and easy. Very little effort on our part
Anthony B.
He was honest and upfront. He was very easy to talk to and explained technical terms in laments terms! Very nice and happy person as well!
Craig F.
Easy to talk to. Answers questions. Offers good suggestions. Truthful. Helpful. On time. Goes out of his way to help, make thing easy for me.
Paula K.
Professionalism and knowledge. It was refreshing to work with a professional who knew more than just the standard. He understands the market, gave us very helpful references and was extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of houses during showings.
He was extremely helpful and honest.
Elijah K.
He kept me informed about everything and when I had questions. He answered them quickly.
Joe P.
Prompt and Knowledgable
Jeremy W.
Personality and honesty
Terry H.
[Annette was} Honest and friendly!
Chris N.
Annette was amazing and a total lifesaver. From the moment I contacted her all the way past closing she answered every question, kept me posted about everything, and advised me through the whole process. As I was 500 miles away throughout the sale, it was a huge comfort to know that everything was so well taken care of.
Bri D.
Andy is very personable, highly knowledgeable about homes he is showing, and extremely honest and forthcoming with information.
Erin M.
Attention to detail and follow up
William H.
Andy was always eager to explain anything that we asked about, and always seemed ready and willing to do whatever we needed him to do. Very personable and cheerful.
Joseph S.
[Annette} was quick to respond to our needs.
Cory H.
Honesty and personality
Terry H.
All around professional
Michael R.
He's easy to work will and keeps me informed of everything happening.
Jennifer M.
his knowledge and friendly
Tim J.
[Annette was} professional but yet very friendly and helpful.
Dan D.
We always knew exactly what was going on through the entire process. Andy was always quick to answer any questions we had. He kept a great attitude the whole time even when problems arose.
Megan C.
[Andy's] honest feedback and quick availability.
Amber E.
Easily accessible and had answers to any possible questions I could come up with, also just really nice and made me very comfortable with the process when I was really nervous and uncertain a lot of the time.
Mackenzie M.
[Andy] was thorough, efficient and explained the process as well as answering any questions we may have had.
Carrie P.
Andy was very promp in returning phone calls. Whe n he was away, he set us up wi th Annette McDonald, who worked extremely hard to sell the house.
Mary Beth W.
He kept me informed on everything and he is just a really nice person.
Patricia B.
His personal service
Diana P.
Andy was very easy to work and communicate with every step of the way. He was always kind, respectful, and professional.
Kelly L.
Great communication!
Jessica S.
He was very speedy and explained the process well.
Austin B.
[Annette was] very helpful and self sacrificing.
Waldemar G.
Andy is very personable, compassionate, loyal and friendly. He takes pride in his work. He is easy to get a hold of and very professional.
Melissa B.
Andy is very personable and spent a lot of time with us prior to listing the house to determine how we needed to prepare the space.
Brandon T.
Andy was very personable and understanding/helpful to our needs & wishes. He allowed us to final say on strategy decisions, but was able to provide valuable information and suggestions when we requested it.
Micah H.
Annette kept me informed about everything that was happening from the beginning of the listing until the closing!
Sherry H.
Andy was very helpful to us with any questions or concerns we had.
Taylor H.
I work night shift and Andy was very flexible working with my schedule. Very knowledgeable about all of the house-related questions I had. He made sure I was making a good purchase.
Natalie T.
Andy's knowledge about the process. He kept the process on a strict timeline. He had the necessary resources readily at hand to speed up the process.
Michael B.
Andy was very personable, straight forward with what we could get and how the house was doing on the market. Made the selling process easy and as stress free as possible.
Ashley B.
Very easy to work with, construction knowledge/background very helpful, trusted Andy's guidance
Jenny K.
Andy was very helpful, interested in what he can do to make the move easier.
Jenny C.
From the start, Andy came across as a go-getter! He was very excited to sell my house and offered a lot of help along the way. He explained each step so I knew what to expect, and always communicated things to me clearly. Andy went above and beyond for me and I could not thank him enough for all he has done and to have sold my house so quickly!
Christina R.
Annette was very open and honest. Patient with me and willing to answer any questions I had.
Tara M.
Annette was very accommodating and was very knowledgeable in the homes she showed me.
Erin S.
Andy made the selling process so easy! There was little to no stress involved in our transaction and he even got our rental house sold in 18 days!!!
Sara G.
Andy was friendly and professional through the selling and buying of our houses. He was always accessible to answer questions we had about the buying and selling process, and was very helpful in coordinating the timing on both.
Ashley R.
Personable,knowledgeable,ability to move things forward,good resources to resolve issues,professional
Keith B.
Andy kept us informed on the status of the transaction; friendly; responded to requests in a timely manner.
Troy S.
Good communication and he sold the house when others couldn't.

Dan M.
incredibly helpful and professional
Lisa K.
Andy helped me sell my home and purchase my new home. Andy takes the time to understand the type of property you are looking for and diligently searches to find it. He is very knowledgeable of the area. Andy uses electronic tools such as Docusign to make the experience of buying and selling as easy as possible.
Steve B.
Having worked with other agents in the past, I believe Andy has a great combination of technical knowledge, people skills, and drive that sets him and his team apart from others. We would use him again and I've had friends have similar experience with him in the past.
Scott F.
Anyone can finalize a deal when everything goes as planned but when potential roadblocks come up, that's when a good agent shows there true value. Andy handled every issue that arose quickly and efficiently.
Tony N.
I wasn't disappointed. He was incredibly helpful, always available for questions, and worked with my schedule to make things as easy as possible.
Sara K.
Andy did an excellent job in helping us to sell our home quickly and at a fair price. Early on, he provided guidance on how we should stage our home to maximize appeal from potential buyers. From a marketing perspective, Andy worked multiple channels (TV, print, social media) and this helped to drive consistent traffic to our home. Upon receiving an offer, Andy and his team guided us through the process and exceeded expectations in terms of making sure that we had sufficient information to make an informed decision. Overall, I would highly recommend Andy.
Brandon T.
He’s always there when we need him, literally - He ran to our home at 9:00 pm during a thunderstorm to get something signed so it would be ready the next morning. This is just a small example of his commitment to his customers. We will recommend him time and again to anyone looking to buy or sell!
Jessica S.
Very pleasant to work with. Made ththe whole process easy and stress free
Haley D.
Communicated with me about everything, very helpful, answered all my questions and concerns.
Shari R.
Andy is very intelligent, knows his field well, and is quick on his feet. He gets back with clients extremely fast, and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Andy does a phenomenal job, is honest, and supportive to clients.
Caitlin S.
Recently sold my house that I thought would never sell due to it being a precode trailer. The whole experience was very smooth and so much easier than I dreamed it would be. He is phenomenal!
Nick S.
10 out of 10! Good communication, professional & knowledgeable about the marketplace.
Nick M.